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In love with Edinburgh ...

Not so long ago Danny mentioned that he's always wanted to go to the Christmas markets in Edinburgh, so I said 'let's do it ... let's make a weekend of it'.

The plan was to travel by train so neither of us had to drive, and it would've meant that we could have had a little drink on the way there; unfortunately the rail strikes meant we would have got there but wouldn't have got back! It worked out really well though as we got to see some lovely little villages on the car journey there; everything was 'proper Christmassy' - it was stunning.

We arrived in Edinburgh in the evening; our hotel was about a 25 min walk away from the car park - again, this might seem like a ballache, but it forced us to walk and explore more than we probably would have if we'd have just parked next to the hotel.

The following morning we went down to the market - I'd been a little concerned about the market itself as there had been so many negative reviews about it; it was overcrowded, it was expensive, it was lacking in variety. I didn't feel any of this was the case at all ... well, OK, it was a little expensive but in my mind you're paying for the experience and atmosphere too ... you want cheap, go have yourself a walk around B&M. It was busy, but not unbearably so and there were a few different market stall types. The only thing I would say is there were A LOT of german sausage stalls ... someone needs to explain this to me ... is german sausage a Christmas thing I wasn't aware of?

We explored the local shops and had a go on the ferris wheel during the day, got some lunch (where Danny almost downed a shot of chilli sauce thinking it was his drink), searched high and low for eggnog (which we never did get to sample ... seriously, why is german sausage a thing and not eggnog?!) then went back to the hotel to get ready for the evening. We'd originally wanted to go to Fazenda for our evening meal, but couldn't get booked in for love nor money, so we opted for the Indian Lounge restaurant. We were NOT disappointed. The atmosphere, food and service was stunning - we'd highly recommend.

That evening we went back down to the market to experience it in the evening; it felt even more magical; we sampled some mulled wine (with a cheeky shot of rum - again, highly recommend) and went back on the ferris wheel. I had many 'pinch me' moments that evening; the whole atmosphere and experience was just special.

The following morning we explored a little more of the local shops before heading home; I think I was so exhausted from the previous couple of days that I became slightly delirious and so "treated" Danny to my own renditions of a couple of Christmas songs - which may I add, he did not appreciate.

We've committed to go back to Edinburgh at some point as we both think it's a beautiful city. I've done the Military Tattoo before but Danny hasn't so we'll definitely go to see that, and hopefully uncover more of what Edinburgh has to offer. If anyone knows of any other go-to places in Edinburgh we should check out, please let me know!

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