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New Direction

I've had this domain for years now and it's just sat rotting away. Initially it was intended purely for the sake of having my own personalised email address (I'm a snob like that), then I thought 'I know. I'll revitalise my [nonexistent] YouTube "career" and use the site as some kinda hub thing' and that never happened, then came the 'let's get back into blogging' idea where I thought I could write about my [nonexistent] adventures on the fells, and ... yeah ... that never happened either, and now I'm wanting to do all that and more, with a little bit of fashion, cats, gaming and travel sprinkled in too.

I recently purchased 'Madly, Deeply: The Alan Rickman Diaries' and was inspired by how he documented his day to day life - nothing too intricate, but just enough to get a glimpse of what went on in his life and mind. I KNOW there is nobody alive on this planet who will be as interested in my inner ramblings as anyone would be about Alan Rickman's, I'm not saying that at all, but that's where I got the inspiration to just write what I want to, regardless of the importance or meaning of it to anyone else.

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